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Tenant Family Spotlight: ORT America

What’s your mission?
To bring cutting-edge education to underserved students globally.

What service do you provide? 
As one of the largest non-governmental education and training organizations in the world, we are the Jewish organization meeting the world’s educational needs by propelling more than 300,000 students in more than 30 Countries to develop careers and lead fulfilling, independent lives.

At the heart of a sustainable future is the ability to empower the next generation with increased access to quality education. ORT breaks through social and economic barriers to transform lives.

In Florida, we hold events and have donation campaigns to support ORTS work and our students. If anyone is interested in helping, getting involved or donating, please contact our Office at 561-997-1071 or email

What is the story behind your company?
For 140 years ORT’s schools and programs reach underserved students by bridging the gap between aptitude and opportunity, as we work to expand knowledge, build autonomy, and strengthen Jewish identity. When students from underserved communities have access to high-quality education, they are better positioned to enter the job market with marketable skills, become leaders in their own right, and invest back into their communities.

Accolades to note:
We are one of the largest non-governmental educational organizations in the world. We have over 3 million graduates to date.

(L) Robin Isaacson-National Director Planned Giving Director Florida Region
(R) Ilene Rubin – Executive Assistant

WCW Highlight Robin Isaacson

Top 5 traits of a successful leader:

1. Be kind

2. Be respectful

3. Don’t ask staff to do anything you haven’t or won’t do

4. Listen

5. Encourage an open-door policy and brainstorming.  Ideas and solutions come from everyone, not just those in charge!

If you could go back in your career, what would you change?
I think the path I took helped me learn. Even the terrible jobs! If you were not National Director Planned Giving & Director, Florida Region, working in the nonprofit industry, what other career paths would you have liked to explore and why? I would be an attorney.

Learn more about Robin here:

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