February 18, 2020 DevilFoehn

Tenant Family Spotlight: Rohto-Mentholatum

“Our challenge is to support society and maintain global health for the future.”

Company Name: Rohto-Mentholatum

Total Square Feet Leased with Workspace: 17,624

What’s your mission?
Our challenge is to support society and maintain global health for the future.

What products or services do you sell / provide?
We develop and market new products for the Rohto, OXY, Hada Labo Tokyo, Softlips, and Mentholatum brands among others. Driven by scientific research, technology, and keeping a pulse on consumers’ aspirations, our teams are dedicated to providing effective solutions for our consumers’ personal needs through developing high quality, innovative new daily healthcare products.

What’s the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors?
Mentholatum has been trusted for over 125 years! Founded in 1889 in Wichita, Kansas, The Mentholatum Company was acquired in 1988 by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd (Rohto). Rohto, founded in 1899 in Osaka, Japan, is a pioneer in over-the-counter medicines and consumer health products. Today, Rohto-Mentholatum is the 2nd largest consumer health company in Japan, establishing its position as a world leader in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, skin care, and healthcare products. We are distributing in more than 110 countries around the world.


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