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Tenant Family Spotlight: SMG Clubhouse


What’s your mission?
Our mission is to act as Early Interventionist while supporting every child so they can FLOURISH by:

  • Learning how best to serve your child.
  • Celebrating each child as a prized possession with special gifts and talents.
  • Equipping each child to recognize and utilize these gift(s).
  • Partnering with families who trust us to care for their child each day, so we embark on every opportunity to connect and learn from the family.
  • Communicating with families frequently while your child is under our care.
  • Accepting students with a variety of needs and learning differences. SMG educators have a heart for children and the responsibility to respond to all ABILITIES. We marvel at how unique and special all individuals are.

What products or services do you sell / provide?
We provide children ages 2+ with a creative and enriching learning environment through promotion of socialization, cooperation, motor development, listening, and independent thought.

What is the story behind your company and what are you known for?
Syieda Logan, a [Philadelphia] local mother of four has been in public education since 2001. She followed in her mother’s footsteps, a retired public school teacher of 35 years. Syieda’s degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education, Instructional Technology, and as a Reading Specialist prove her innate love for education and her desire for continued growth. Syieda has expressed a genuine love for children from a very young age. She’d often tutor the neighborhood children, and even a few adults, from the front porch of her Southwest Philadelphia home. Syieda, raised in a three-parent household; mother, father, and grandmother, experienced an overabundance of nurturing, love, and support from her caregivers. She decided she wanted to provide this same framework to every child she’d come in contact with.  SMG Clubhouse named after her grandmother, Sallie Mae Gordon, provides care for the WHOLE CHILD and WHOLE FAMILY. Sallie Mae allowed Syieda to see what hard labor entailed, the importance of being educated, and how to love and enjoy every aspect of life.

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Top 5 traits of a successful leader:
Driven, optimistic, organized, generous, lifelong learner.

If you could go back in your career, what would you change?
If I could go back in my career I wouldn’t change a thing. My degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education, Instructional Technology, and as a Reading Specialist paired with 18 years as an elementary public school teacher has fully prepared me for my current role as owner and director of SMG Clubhouse.

If you weren’t an owner/operator working in the childcare industry, what other career path would you have liked to explore and why?
If I wasn’t working in my current role in childcare I would have liked to explore a career path as a lactation consultant. It would be my honor to assist mothers in their efforts to breastfeed their babies.

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