March 23, 2021 DevilFoehn

Tenant Spotlight: Boca Cafe & Catering Services

Company Name: Boca Cafe & Catering Services

What’s your mission?
To provide our patrons with quality food and service. We strive to provide our guests with unique and traditional menu options to help get them through the workday.

What service do you provide?
Our versatile menu is made up of hardy selections including sandwiches made with the finest Boar’s Head products and steak and chicken dishes served with homemade rice and beans. We also offer a lighter selection of bites like our customer-favorite salmon and avocado salad, an assortment of fresh soups and refreshing smoothies.

What is the story behind your company?
Our family has owned and operated restaurants and delicatessens for years in New York and Ecuador. Our entrepreneurial spirit led us to open a location in Boca Raton catering to the flavors inspired by the melting pot of cultures found in South Florida.

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