September 30, 2020 DevilFoehn

Tenant Spotlight: Duke’s Cafe

What’s your mission?
To provide our customers with uniquely memorable and nutritious reasons to return to our tables when hunger strikes. We have created an environment that fuses good food and music – a place where people can come to truly unwind.  

What service do you provide? 
Our menu ranges from classic diner breakfast staples to familiar delicatessen-style sandwiches and salads, perfect for lunch or an easy dinner option. We are proud supporters of other small and local business and use only locally grown fruit and vegetables in our kitchen. We make things easy for our customers with online ordering and pride ourselves with our quick turnaround – 20 minutes or less!

What is the story behind your company?
For 20+ years our owner and founder, Deirdre Gaskins, worked in Healthcare Management and Operations for a major healthcare insurer. While her career enabled her to exerciser her leadership, communication and critical thinking skills, Deirdre felt she was meant for something more. In 2014, she made a list of 4 things she wanted to accomplish in 2015. Opening Duke’s Café was on that list. Over the course of five years, she went to work fueling her passion- learning and growing as a culinary professional. The journey to opening day has been nothing short of spectacular.

WCW Duke's Cafe Tentant Spotlight

Top 5 traits of a successful leader:

Adaptability – Be a chameleon. Adjust to your environment and see change for what it is, constant.

Compassion – The human race is phenomenal. Faith is not lost in my fellow man. Choose to care.

Gratitude – I am wise enough to realize my success is due to a lot of people helping me along the way. Be thankful for help because you cannot do it alone.

Passion – It is your dream. Dreams become reality when you put your mind to it.

Resilience – Recognize when it’s time to “hold’em” or “fold’em” – as my Uncle would say. When you do, even a bad situation doesn’t hurt as bad. Keep going!

If you could go back in your career, what would you change?
Nothing. My healthcare career landed me in positions to inspire, mentor and shape the careers of so many others. I’m an entrepreneur, with a business degree, a few vocational skills (just in case my healthcare career went bust) and I’m pretty good in the kitchen. 30 years of life experiences made me who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I could.

If you weren’t an owner/operator working in the culinary industry, what other career path would you have liked to explore and why?
I thrive on human interaction. People fuel me and music unites people. If I did not own and operate Duke’s Cafe in Horsham, I would own and operate Duke’s on a Caribbean island.

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