We Are Workspace

Workspace is composed of 150+ hardworking individuals throughout the country, each helping bring industry-leading customer service and premier properties to our tenants. Stay tuned as we highlight a few of our team members that help make us the preeminent suburban office landlord in the country.

Say hello to
Gina Bystedt

Gina Bystedt, Vice President of Property Management at Workspace Property Trust, has embodied Workspace's entrepreneurial spirit through professional growth and operational excellence since 2016.

Gina Bystedt

Based out of our Bloomington, Minnesota office, Gina leads our 200+ property portfolio, overseeing a network of property managers across the nation. She embraces the chance to travel and engage with her team and tenants, a role she was able to expand following Workspace's 2022 acquisition of 53 Class A properties. Working alongside Chris Eckerd, CPM, SVP of Property Management, Gina played a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating the new portfolio.

Ensuring all of our properties maintain Workspace standards and exceed our tenants’ needs is no easy task, and one that Gina takes great pride in maintaining.

In Her Own Words:

“We work hard to leave a lasting first impression, both for ourselves and our properties. By prioritizing meticulous upkeep, even in vacant spaces, we ensure the foundation for a positive tenant experience. With the support of a dedicated Property #Management team, our goal is to foster authentic connections with our tenants and make them feel valued and appreciated. Overall, we hope that our tenants know their presence helps solidify Workspace Property Trust as an integral and positive presence within each of our communities.”

Gina Bystedt
Vice President, Property Management


Despite her extensive
travels for work...

Gina's passion for exploration extends far beyond business trips. She also embraces the opportunity to travel for fun and discover new countries and immerse herself in diverse cultures. When she is relaxing close to home, she enjoys weekends spent hiking or biking, or spending quality time with her family and new baby grandson.

Fun Fact About Gina

She’s a huge fan of “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen and has been to over 10 of his concerts!